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Its a nice machine and your company makes great products but $8500 for an aerator is alot of aeration's. I would love to have it as I hate to do aeration's because of the difficulty and hard work. Your machine seems to make aeration a breeze. The problem is (at least in my area) aeration prices are dropping like a rock. Your lucky to get $50 for a half acre. Company's ( and I use that term loosely) are doing aeration's for $40. High school kids will rent one and canvas neighborhoods on the weekend and charge low prices.

Like I said its a nice machine and seems well built. But it would take too long to pay for itself. I guess I'm stuck busting my @$$ for a while longer until I can justify the purchase. Do you have any rentals that sell for less?

Don't get me wrong I love your products from what I hear about them and see... but not too many can drop $8500 for an aerator.

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