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MTCK,you say its out of an 83,is this a CCC system with a feedback carb?it will have a check engine light and a blue connctor on the carb that ticks with the key on.If it has both of these,and I think it does,it is an external lockup transmission,if it has neither it is internal lockup.if its internal lockup,all you need to do is supply +power to the lockup solenoid,to tell which one it is drop the pan and follow the wire to the solenoid to be sure.I think its an external lockup setup and to make this work easy you need to find the +wire for solenoid,that will need to be run into the cab and thru a brake switch,that is open in the brake position and closed while off the brakes,you can pickup power from the fuse box for the brake switch,it really doesnt matter if its hot all the time or key on.Now the other 2 wires,one is the ground for the lockup solenoid,you will take thisover the top of trans to other side,now there are 2 1/8 NPT fittings on the side of trans just above the trans pan mounting surface,one of those tee's into the 4th gear oil supply,you can buy an oil press switch for an early 80's 3.8 liter buick regal,it has 3 positions on it,you need to find the 2 that are closed with pressure applied,hook the ground wire from lockup solenoid to one side of switch and take a small wire and go from the other post to ground somewhere on trans.what this will do is apply lockup whenever you are in 4th gear,and disengage it whenever you step on brake pedal.if you use the wrong 1/8 fitting it will lockup in 3rd,no big deal,just put it in other one.if you use wrong posts on switch its no big deal because u r on the ground side and nothing will short out,it just wont work,try a different pin.I can get the schematics to tell you what wire goes wher,but i neeed exact year,model,engine size,series,etc and a couple of days to get it.Do not run this without lockup in OD if you want it to last,if you have a tall ratio rear end the slippage will be enough to toast your trans even with a cooler,the lockup is needed because the overdrive gear brings the engine speed down and this causes more slippage than with the old 3speed autos.The most important part of the job is getting the correct kickdown cable adjustment,if its to loose you will burn up trans from low line pressure,I guarantee the 3-4 clutch pack will fry if you do this,try to get the brackets from donor vehicle and hopefully they both had Q-jet carbs.these transmissions are good if properly setup and installed,but you need to get full detent on the kickdoen cable if you want it to live,because they have no vacuum modulator so this is the only way for the trans to see the load being placed on it and up the line pressure,and shift points accordingly.Good luck

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