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My Snapper 21" Push SUCKS!!!

Most everybody has had the exact opposite experience with snapper commercial mowers I have had this year. The reason I went with Snapper was because it was hard to find many really negative experiences. That fact and the price of the Snappers compared to other competitor models was too much for me not go with the snapper commercial push and s50x ZTR.

On the snapper 21" push w/6.0 kawasaki, which has seen very little use since purchased in may has several annoying features in my limited use. Finally, last night the damn drive engage lever that sticks straight up in the air and has been a real pain to operate or when sitting on the trailer being a snag magnet broke. It has always been great cutting and bags full wet or dry but i didn't like some design stuff after getting a few hours usage with it. Its got some really rickety crap little design things i felt would go from annoying to frustrating, especially considering this is commercial line equipment. Along with the drive lever snapping off while mowing late yesterday it was also hard as hell to start yesterday for the first time. It has always started on the first pull until yesterday...go figure?? The routing of the pull start around the bagger is crap in my opinion and problems waiting to happen and i was right. For whatever reason, the recoil tension had noticeably dropped and since it didnt want to start after pulling several times the rope lacked sufficient tension to stay around a little pulley that routes it around the bagger...sorry, i like straight lines with stuff like that.

Anyway, i have had nothing but trouble with of my snapper pro mowers. I'm cutting this rant off and not getting specific with the ztr issues but suffice it to say i really wish i would have purchased another brand. If I had a crew trying to use this crap I can't imagine how much worse it would's just me and a helper and i'm in equipment issue hell since day one. To compound the poor decision i made, my dealer sucks at doing anything more than taking money. Oh well, live and learn...i'm gonna be one smart dude come the day i die!!
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