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Originally Posted by tmetz View Post
Hidden tree stumps that the people have cut short enough so it just barley clips the mower and you can see it over the grass. PITA customers.
This one always bugged me too, until I started to sell the customer on stump grinding to get rid of the stump. It created extra work (income) for me, while reducing my trimming time as well as reducing possible damage due to hitting a hidden stump with the mower.

Originally Posted by yardatwork View Post
Lazy clients leaving stuff scattered all through their yard, clients expecting me to pick up their dog crap, political campaign signs, clients not cutting back lower biggest complaint...clients who get their lawn sprayed/fertilized during the wet growing season.'s growing like crazy on its own and it's already really green from ALL THE RAIN during April and May!!! A lawn that typically produces two or three bags of clippings shouldn't take six to eight bags of clippings. Oh yeah...forgot this one...feeling like we don't really matter and every other type of contractor is above us. Like when a road crew places all their signs and equipment in a lawn or when a building contractor places all their tools, etc in the lawn instead of the nicely paved driveway.
I have this really small lawn right on a major route that the state DOT placed one of those electronic message boards right on the lawn, making it impossible for me to get onto it to mow. What really ticked me off was that they could have placed it 50 yards in the other direction and it would have not bothered anyone. It was there almost 3 weeks. Luckily, the house is not occupied, but the lawn still looked awful by the time they moved the sign. It was up for a temporary detour for road construction.

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