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Originally Posted by Green Industry Pro View Post
Sounds horrible man. Two things come to mind for your situation. 1. Have a contract. 2. Drop the lady because you are spinning your wheels maintaining her property without her paying you. Move on to the many other people who will pay you. About the part where the client tries the ol' switcharoo on ya and messes up your schedule. It happens all the time lol. Yet another reason for a contract. If I wasn't using a contract, I would make it painfully clear with the client beforehand what is expected of them and what they are expecting of you. Make it painfully clear that you aren't going to switch your schedule constantly. It benefits you and them too! Have them give you a specific date vise versa and stick to that.
The lady that wouldn't pay I cut for last season. By the time I realized I wasn't going to get paid, it was mid October so it didn't really make a point when I stopped cutting lol.
The guy who pulls the "ol' switcharoo" - I tried and thought I did make it clear that when he said every 10 days I was going to stick to that, but either I didnt or he doesn't care. I only have 7 yards so it's not [I]that[I] big of a deal but it's still a PITA. Things are better now than they used to be. The first year I cut for him I would get a text every 4 or 5 days with an update on his yard. Either "grass doesn't need cutting until it rains" or "can you cut tomorrow?" and other things like that. That's how he feels in relation to me lol I dont even get a phone call all I'm worth is a text message. For $70 a cut I guess I can't ***** too much.
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