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Originally Posted by GreenShoesLC View Post
took a look at the snapper hi vac commercial, the honda hrc and an ariens/gravely pro 21. honda was best mulcher, and bagged well, very disapointed w/ the snapper. Bagging was not as good as the ariens/gravely. Thinking of going with the Ariens/Gravely
Hello Neighbour GreenShoes:
I know what you mean when you refer to spring growth, and I also bag everything I cut.
I have also used the Snapper Hi-Vac and after 3 days of fighting with that stupid bag design, drive engage lever, and recoil rope routing. I took the mower and dropped it off in my Snapper territory Reps yard and told him is was a poor excuse for a commercial mower, although I did like the preformance of the Kawi FJ180 motor. The price was 1/2 of MSRP and I still walked away!

I bought an Ariens Pro-21 with the same Kawi FJ180 on it. That mower will do anything I ask of it and the design is very easy to use. I can empty the bag on the PRO-21 in less time than I could remove the bag on the snapper. The bail lever design is many times better than the stupid Snapper design (I can't even think of a name for that design) and I don't have the recoil rope to untangle every time you pull on it because there is no plastic routing pulley used.

I also have a Ariens LM-21 it is a great mower and is the first choice of the staff but it need the Kawi FJ180 to be a great mower....mine has the Techumseh Vector motor.

Along with the two Ariens mowers I have a few of the older Deeres. The new Deere mowers are crap and when the dealer tried to get me to take one on a demo, I refused to take it out of the show room. I told him I would not use that crap on any lawn nor would I expect my staff to operate junk like that, call me when Deere makes a good mower again!

The snapper mower design seems to be just a bunch of after thoughts on the part of the design engineer that is totally removed from his field! I truely believe that anyone that has used a mower for a few hours could come up with a better design!
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