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Originally Posted by Mike821 View Post
Starting a landscape business is old hat to me. I know the drill, but also know that things have changed. The economy, fly by night station wagon rebels, low ballers, and so on were and always will be an obstacle for one whom does not have an established business. Even then, some guys are getting dropped due to $$ as many folks are cutting back. Well, the tides have shifted over the last 6-months. People are not moving, new construction has been back burnered or stopped in some cases, and many folks are forced to have a dual income. With this being said, the family time is limited, and for some the last thing they want to do is ride a 36" Toro across a two acre lawn for 2.5hrs or better. They hire a LCO and gain back that 2.5 hrs. Some people chose to put their house on the market but were told they will take a 50K+ hit less than what they paid for the house. This made the homeowner rethink and lean toward reinvesting in the home they own vs. selling. Outside entertaining areas are big here in NJ. landscape design just to mention a few are in demand as a result of people staying put. The way I look at it is if your a people person, know what you are selling, and your work speaks for itself, you will do just fine. Mowing is just a foot in the door for hard scape. I have the ability to execute large jobs, but want to ease into the business and enjoy myself. With only a 8-10k investment, the profit margin is much higher than the person whom financed the whole S&K (30K or more) resulting in a $600 a month payment on equipment only. Within the first year the 8-10K will be paid off.

As for my health...well I just was thinking out loud. If I want it that bad, dropping 40-50 lbs is not a big deal. I laid two pallets of blue stone, spread 5 yards of QP, and buttoned up the job in two days last week by myself. It felt good and I was surprised that I DID NOT have any back issues or pain the next morning. Honestly I am not a big bucket of sheot, but just a big dude. Chasing a walk behind around will strip the weight off in no time. Hey I already lost 20 lbs. just being active during the day and not sitting behind a desk.

I feel that if there was a time to open a business it would be now. The economy is no longer flat lined and is on a slow climb. If you were starting out say in 06-07 you would have extended yourself and outlaid cash to keep up with the business. Some saved money while others spent it. Others are folding and paving way for new folks like myself. The glass is half full or half empty...all in the eye of the beholder.
Hey, you've made up your mind already, why are you still here posting...

Good luck, you don't need validation or our okeedokee, just do it already...

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