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Well I finally got my renovation done!

Sprayed with gly...

Set the tiller depth to remove about 95% of the grass trying to leave as much of the topsoil as possible.

The skid steer then skimmed the old grass off & loaded it into the dump truck. Took 6 loads of grass out of here.

Ran the harley rake and then the rockhound. 13 hours start to finish. I used Sunstar Bermuda recommended by the guy at Lesco. It's considered a medium grade bermuda. Has a pretty fine blade to it. From what I can see so far I think it's going to look very good.

Mixed the seed with sand & then used a push spreader to spread it. I have a spreader for the tractor but I wanted the soil loose for the seed & was afraid I'd compact it too much driving over it. poor man's irrigation system. I had 13 sprinklers out there. I'd run them 1 at a time for about 30 minutes twice a day. Opted not to use straw this time either....

The seed was spread on 6/5. Had germination 6 days later. Couple more pics...

These last 2 photos were taken this afternoon. I still have a few areas that need some attention but over all I'm very pleased. Still fertilizing & cutting every 3 days.

Once again.....thanks to all for your input! Scott
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