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36 inch Stander

We own a 36 inch stander and like it. However, 2 things two consider. Check the operator platform before buying. Our stander has a fixed platform and it is very hard on you on rougher lawns. Also, the design of the Wright has the right caster wheel off set (back) so the mower does not handle hills well at all. If you are driving with the right side on the bottom of the hill the mower wants to fall off.

When we buy another 36 inch mower we will consider a Grandstand. We own 2 52 inch grandstands and love them. Check out the 36 inch grandstand. It has a floating operator platform and the casters are not offset.

The 36 inch Stander may have been upgraded to have a floating platform. Then it's only weakness would be the offset casters and hills.
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