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I can tell you guys one thing I learned in the years, you don't have to listen to me,
most folks don't, maybe they think they know it better or maybe they really do know
everything and maybe not, but whichever the reason it's your business so not only is
it your call but you can do whatever you want.

But the one thing I have learned that really counts down the road is to set yourself up a system,
a method with steps that like 1-2-3 this is how you do things, first time, every time.

With everything, starting with how you load and unload the mower, do it a certain way always,
I realize these things won't come automatically all at once from the first day,
but I highly recommend working on it one thing at a time, here and there, as you get the chance,
remember to work on developing a systematic method on how to do something.

How you start the engine, how you exit the truck, do the keys come out of the ignition first or does the seat belt come off now,
why, should the keys come out, is it important, why?

Some of the answers to these questions might come to you one day, hopefully in a flash of insight rather than a moment of hindsight,
I'll spoil this one by telling you that the reason why the keys need to come out of the ignition is both so that it forces you to put
the transmission lever in park thus preventing a roll-off (don't laugh, all it takes is one time in 20 years) and to keep some thief
from jumping in your truck and driving away with your whole load so they can take it someplace where they can unload what they
were after to begin with and without being disturbed.
So there does exist reason behind the madness, it should, but as important are the benefits from doing things a certain way.

The benefits come in many ways, efficiency is one of them, less room for error
is another, last but not least you just might come off as someone who looks like
they know what they are doing, but most important is that a systematic method
lends itself to a smooth running business.

Good luck.

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