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Originally Posted by deerewashed View Post
if anything else i would like to be a rally car driver or pro snowboarder....but i am 15 so once i get my license and maybe an sti i got a shot at both instead of just one.
I spent 14 years snowboarding as much as possible and I have no regrets in putting a career 2nd. I started when I was 18 in 1994, moved to summit county Colorado, later Montana. At 15 if you are not super may be too late. I was always a year or so behind what the pros were doing. I must say it is dangerous and you will get very hurt if you push yourself to the limits, and you must push it. A trustfund is a must if a pro is what you want. You need health insurance, lots of family support and no other job to make it real. Good luck.
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I just wish I would have jumped on the .com thing in my younger years, I would be retired by now. casual snowboarding would be my job and " pro" status would not matter.
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