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Originally Posted by Dan_DeSantis View Post
I miss the old lawn boys, it is really a shame that there is no real side discharge commercial 21 anymore that hole in the side gets blocked up quickly in wet grass. Even my 21 proline performs very poorly in wet grass! for 1300$ I need a machine that works in all conditions.

When its wet out the proline stays on the truck and this machine goes to work!
Excellent point Dan. The old lawnboys (staggered wheel) are excellent. I have a 2006 model with the briggs engine on it and it is one of the best mowers I have. Side discharge is terrific. Even when the grass is wet and tall, it shoots it out, sometimes in clumps but a second pass takes care of all of it. I won't part with this unit for a long time. If you look at or, you might be able to find some decent used ones.
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