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Originally Posted by ShooterK2 View Post
I love my Honda HRX217VKA. It is built very strong, however, and the use of the plastic (Nexite) deck is what keeps the weight down, and is also one of my favorite features of this mower. It will never rust, doesn't dent, and grass does not stick too badly to the underside of the deck.
This is what they say about the aluminum decks as well, but what they dont mention is they crack and chunks will break out of them, and very hard to fix if they can be fixed at all. For example try to find a used non commercial aluminum deck mower that does not have a cracked deck they are very hard to find. The same deck on a commercial mower will have steel reinforcement plates along the cutting edges and wheel adjusters to TRY to prevent the deck from breaking but most still find a place to crack or an object goes through the deck.

I would like to see how the Nexite decks stand up...if they don't crack and break they may be the greatest thing going....but for now I believe a good steel deck will give you the best bang for your buck in a commercial use of the few commercial mower with a steel deck is the Ariens PRO-21, there may be others that I am now aware of.

I also think that is why the Ariens commercial mower is $850.00 and most of the others are $1300.00+.
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