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i went ahead and got some Lawngrips again. I said i would never buy another pair as they did not last as long as they cost. although that may be true, they are as i remember as being the most comfortable , stable and protective footwear i have ever worn for working in lawns etc. they get super traction, are light, have wide toe area with steel toe, and the leather and craftsmanship are very well done.

it is the sole that wears out as it does not have a deap tread so there is not much to go through. i have conversed with them a bit about this but they dont seem to wnat to change anything so........ i just wish the sole treads were a bit deaper to last longer, at least one season for me.

I do recommend them, and wanted to get the brutus, but backorder and need for boots got me the nest in line, the 8 in pro model i have had b4.
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