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Originally Posted by Lawncutting27 View Post
I like the mower as well but do you like the bags on them? I find them a complete pita to empty. I need to use a pail with a bag plus bounce it up and down several times to get the grass out. The cheaper toros i could fit a plastic bag right over the grass bag it self and it's done just like that.

My 21 is a toro heavy duty recycler commercial. It cost me $1350 I should have bought an MTD with honda engine for all I use it. But I did learn that the BBC is a fantastic feature.
yet another person i have found who actually "bags" the grass.

why do you people mess with putting the clipping in bags. that is what the truck bed is for. when i bag grass in the front yard the catcher gets directly dumped into the truck bed. in the backyard i use a 55 gallon drum i cut in half to dump the catcher in and then that when full gets directly dumped into the truck bed.

no bags to mess with, no bags to line the catcher with. plain and simple.
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