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Originally Posted by Yard-Dawg View Post
I bag almost every yard i do in the spring because of the lush grass that can't be mulched. we are just starting to be able to mulch some properties now that the summer heat has hit and the grass growth slows down.

I would NEVER dump the clippings into the truck box for the simple reason that I have to pay $35.00 to unload at the land fill (commercial rate), and I would have to make at least two loads a day. It is easier and a lot cheaper ($0.03 per bag)to bag it and put the bags in the customers garbage container and then the city takes them to the land fill & I don't have to fix flat tires either!
By doing it this way when we drive away from the job site the job is done, no unloading still to do!
$35 is steep. but around my neck of the woods we have a compost site to dump leaves, grass clippings, tree branches, hedge clippings, etc. for a commercial outfit like you and me min. $4 per truck load. goes by weight. i can usually get by with the $4 charge.

this year has been killing me though. we've had so much rain and moisture my bill for May's dumpings was $57. but thats why i charge more for bagging grass.

like you we are just now starting to be able to mulch and side discharge our lawns.

but i would hate to try and fill a bag with my 3 bushel grass catcher i use on my 36" and 52" mowers. i just walk to the truck bed and dump it there. at the end of the day the bed is full or sometimes over full and i empty out with the truck unloader i have and i'm ready for the next day.
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