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I have tried a lot of different avenues to dispose of the clippings & leaves.

A few years ago I was able to take dry leaves in the fall and run them through my shredder mixed with old manure and then sell it back to some customers by the barrel (45 gal) in the spring, then get the job of roto-tilling them was a win-win for all. But last year was real wet and then freeze up came so there was no dry leaves they were just soggy and would not shred.

Clippings I have offered to deliver for free to a few horse owners on the outskirts of town but no takers. Since our compose program closed/failed there is only one option left and that is why I bag and leave on site.

If anyone has a good solution for disposing of grass clippings I am all ears?

I do have a couple of customers that request that we just dump them in the garden area and then they spread them around to walk on between rows and in the fall they get tilled in.....that is an ideal situation but not all customers have a garden.

The best would be to find a buyer for
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