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Originally Posted by twcw5804 View Post
I had the best one last week but not about my service. My 94 year old lady that loves to talk wanted me to go downstairs to check the knob that broke on her washer. When i went downstairs to look I heard a beeping noise every minute. The week before she had complained about a cricket in her basement keeping her up and that she had her nephew bomb the basement but its still alive cause she still hears it. She wanted me to clean up some items around her basement windows and AC to keep "crickets" from wanting to get in. So as I'm down in the basement I ask her if she has a smoke detector and she says no. It did it again and I turned around and sure enough hanging in the ceiling was a smoke detector with a dead battery. I told her she should stop hearing it now, but she still insisted she had a cricket. I finished mowing and then got a pair of pliers to help her start her load of laundry and she did say the noise had stopped, but then showed me plastic container that she had put a dead "cricket" in a few days prior that she was saving to show her nephew who bombed. In the plastic container, a shrivled up white flower from a weed in the yard that you would find most typically in clover. I just smiled and nodded and said, yep you got him.
Hahahaha! That's funny
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