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Originally Posted by twcw5804 View Post
That place is awesome, I'll bring some beer.
Yes it is. Luckily the HO is a semi-distant relative of my wife and this property is outside of Danvers where I live.

The Husband who owns the spraying and spreading business is a really nice guy and people hang out there pretty regularly. So needless to say I can go out there whenever I want.

On top of it he offered his shop if I ever need it to work on my equipment. Basically the front third of that big building has a concrete floor, drain, and is heated. If I have a breakdown in the winter I can go out there and work on my plow equipment. He also is my back-up in case we get a blizzard in the winter and I can pay him to use his wheel loader to move snow out of parking lots.

Needless to say I gave them a little bit of a discount because of all that, but, I still charged what I needed to in order to survive the time I worked on it. Basically you can't give your services away.

As a little update, I removed 10 tons of rock from a property and installed 44 feet of brick edging, and new fabric over the weekend. I'm still waiting for the new shipment of rock to come in so I can finish the last two tons that I need to put in.

I turned around yesterday and bed-edged part of the farm property and installed some hydrangeas to finish off the landscaping around the paver sidewalk I did last fall. I also started prep on the beds to get ready to do 15 yards of mulch out there before their party on Saturday.

The farmhouse is looking great this year, and I can't wait to take pics when I'm done.
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