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Originally Posted by Graveslawncare View Post
Don't go to school for 4 years just to make your parents happy. You'll just end up wasting 4 years of your life, man.
I completely disagree with this statement. I'm in my early 30's, a returning college student, and if I could erase my past and do it all over again I would. Trust me, college will make you more prepared to enter the work-force, start your own lawn care business, and enrich your life. Most employers or clients don't care about the actual degree you receive, it's just the fact that you achieved something.

Sure, you'll sit through endless hours of boring lectures and write ten page papers weekly, but you will also experience true college life- drinking cheap booze such as PBR, Natural Light, Keystone, and banging out hot college girls

Better yet, if your tuition is fully covered, you are in a much better position than I am right off the bat. I'll have nearly 40K in student loans after graduation, and will most likely be pushing a mower to pay them off.

Good luck GrayM, and go for it!
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