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Originally Posted by Texas Lawn View Post
I had a lady who I could never cut the grass short enough for her. Lower, lower, lower. I explained in Texas if you cut it that short its going to burn cause its so hot. Still didnt listen, so it burned. Still though, with burnt grass she wanted me to mow it lower. Dirt is flying up, taking off inches of top soil. People driving by can only see me from the waist up im cutting it so low, but I do it to humor her, chuckling the whole time I destroyed her yard. Then after Im all done, she looks at me with a straight face and says, "You know, I think it might be too short." I asked for payment and never mowed again, not as if there would be anything to mow for awhile.

I have done the same thing before. This lady that i cut the grass for was pissed at how high she claimed I cut it. So I explained to her that the height is just perfect if not low, and that her yard wouldn't look too good if I go any lower because it's uneven and it will scalp. But i promised her to cut it very low next time because she seemed like she didn't care or know what i was talking about.. So next time i mowed her grass I removed all the caster spacers and mowed it at the lowest setting. Her yard looked horrible. Scalps everywhere. Plus i went on 5th gear. She came out side when I was done and said "Hmm. A little better.. But still ain't low enough...." She bent down and put her hand flat on the lawn and the grass was 1/4 up her finger (her placing her whole palm flat). She said you see? I dont want the grass this high.. So i smiled and said not a problem. I'll be sure to get it right and make you happy next time.
Two weeks later I brought my snapper 42 in rear engine tractor which gives you lots of flexibility as far as deck height. I set the deck exactly the same height as the tires and destroyed her lawn. I was basically mowing dirty. Put on my shades and dust mask and was laughing my as* off as I was mowing.
She came out side with a smiling. She said that's Perfect!!!

I'm thinking like.. WHAT!? I took her check and never came again!
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