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Originally Posted by MooseMan89 View Post
That is just pitiful! I had a Russian lady with 0.9 acre lawn whom I quoted $80 for which included catching the grass and hedge trimming.. She asked how long would it take me to do it (me working alone)? I told her no more than 2 hours.
She said WHAT!?? So you're making $40 per hour??? :O. I said well.. You have to count the gas it takes me to get here. Gas to run equipment, equipment wear and tear.. And then I'll end up with probably $30/hour or less. She said that's still waaay too much!!! I work for $10/hour! If you want, I can pay you no more than $30 for the job. $10 for gas and $20 for your labor.
So I just laughed at her as I got in my truck and left.

What about the fact that you can only work 8 months out of the year?
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