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RECON - man please be careful with those pulley's exposed like that...Also (not to create a riot) but ZTR's aren't always the answer.

I have one but got it in a trade and now I'm upside down....guess who got the better end of the trade???

For large flat yards they can't be beat but I have a yard that's hilly and drops off on one side and has lots of stuff to mow around....bottom line with the hills and the fact that ZTR's don't have steering wheels or brakes I'm not sure Im better than before. Hey the ZTR cuts better then my Murry but I never worried about driving the Murry, never slid into my fence, never held off mowing becasue the grass was still damp and didn't want to slide into the woods, and actually my kids used to enjoy driving the Murry to the shed to store (obviously without the blades engaged), I would never never let my girls drive the ZTR.

good machines for professionals and with the right application

just my $.02

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