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Leaf removal depends alot on the area you are working on. I live in a gated community of 800 houses and only work here. Properties go from nice and flat with grass to hill sides going down to the lake. My leaf removal prices vary depending on the land, how accessable, amount of leaves, amount of sticks on the ground, and how long has it been since last clean up. If you are dealing with a place that has'nt been done in a few years, you have a lot of old crap to deal with. This will be my third year, first year was a nightmare. I now have a 16 ft. trailer with plywood sides. I put a large tarp on the floor first, then drag tarped leaves on. Depending on how wet the leave are will determine how much I put on, usualy about a little more than half a load if they are dry, then you can drag the tarp out and not have much to rake out. Sorry so long, hope that helps.
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