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OK.... Im back now.. I picked the mower up from the TORO dealer, they double checked everything, mowed for (what they said) 2 1/2 hours and could find know problem.. I paid the $150 bill and said i will see what happens, maybe it was just BAD gas.

So i mowed last night and on my 4th yard (acre each 4). It did it again, this time i let it sit for 2 mintures and then started it back up. It ran, then sputtered a bit, like it was going to shut off, and then kept going for the next 15 more minutes i needed to finish my yard. I then parked it since it was late and getting dark.

I still dont have faith that it is perfect, but could it be just bad gas and will sort it self out. I have had this checked over by many different quality folks. My seat swith is supposely OK. I have printed out the post or forum on this matter and have given the mechanic a copy the website forum..thanks for your posts and response. im ready to be done with this problem
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