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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
We switched to mulching our southern turfgrasses 3 years ago. We only collect clippings on 5 lawns of our routes for the week. We are using the Exmark and Walker mower....the Exmark with the mulching kit and correct OEM blades for the system. We are mowing at 3 to 3.5 inches tall and do not get any browning of the grasses. The only time we ever got any browning is when the customer didn't water or the discharge was clumping on the grass. Either way, it is either too dry or you need to disperse the clippings more blowing will help if the browning is too noticeable. The clippings are beneficial to the lawn.!! Sharp blades is a prerequisite to mulching grasses and keeping burn and browning down. We sharpen the blades every other day on our equipment. It makes a difference!!!!!
That's the problem,lots of people don't water like they should.
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