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No no no... no unions.

There are many associations for L/S Contractors they are dominated by large companies primarily install companies and some big commercial maint companies. They try and promote the members of the association and professionalism of the industry. They have classes on different topics both field and business related. They have social events and invite sponsors (your vendors) in to promote products, they usually have some type of award competition, and they provide group discounts for members. Here is a link to our local association

The problem that he perceives is the associations fault is they don't target the smaller residential contractor. I believe the problem is the small residential contractor is not putting forth the effort to better them selves or their company. If they were the information is out there and it is easier than ever to get with the Internet.

ALCA is open to the smaller contractor its just that they don't see the value of a $300 membership fee, they don't attend meetings, they just don't get it.

He believes if we have our own association they will show up.

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