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Get locates and dig up the shrubs. Looks like their could be some lines in the area to me... For the trees just drop them into the road. You can notch the trunks but I still don't think it will be anywhere near going into the fence. For damage to the road sidewalk etc. I really really don't think its going to happen. Don't trim any of the branches off it will soften the blow. You can cut the back half of the tree on the fence side to lighten it up and to make sure it goes into the street. You should be able to clear the road in 5-10 mins by yourself but I'm sure you will need two people at least. Amherst those people have money on that side of town don't they??? BTW love the pancake house... LOL Don't rip those bushes out it doesn't matter what you have for equipment you chance pulling up all kinds of stuff here from phone, gas, electrical, irrigation etc...

Edit** take a saw and cut the hedges down before trying to dig them up too...

It would cost me about 250 in equipment to rent, dump etc here. Add labor for 16 hours at your rate. You should make out good at those prices. I know up there right now its rough for work so I wouldn't price myself out of a job.

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