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Sounds like it could be a 'hit' or 'miss' on this one. I like the challenge so I'd tackle it. But..buying used trimmers isn't always a good deal like say used mowers. They run hard at high rpm and may or may not always have the correct oil mix. This shouldn't have been the case thou if is original owner. I have a old SRM2100 that runs great yet. I heard that newer Echo's not the quality of older ones? just what I heard for what it's worth. Ask to take a compression reading..good bargining point as surely not up to new spec's..and only takes a minute. ( seals could be leaking..but definately be hard starting then) sounds like carb rebuild/cleaning or exhaust screen plugging up as you mentioned. I tend to believe carb thou- Need the service guy's opinion on that. If looks good I'd buy- cost more than 50 just for a throw-away 'weed eater' brand..and the SRM is commercial. Others will recomend 'new' thou- tough call. P.S. Like your Bible verses CC.
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