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Don't beat yourself over it

Originally Posted by garden.nanny View Post
WOW - that's kind of irritating to me. I'm really not sure of what you are getting at but if it makes you feel an better I specialize in perennial gardens, weeding of them, dead-heading, dividing, if that's killing the industry just which one would it be? I don't know anyone that does that kind of work in my area. I am not a professional landscaper - I tell my customer's that right up front. I have 25 years of gardening experience, been involved in a local garden club, started out by grooming friends and families gardens. I am a one woman operation and report my taxes as a sole proprietorship. I don't make that much to even put a dent in anybody's livelihood. My customer's sign a liability waiver/contract. So what else do I need to have to be "professional"? A 48" stand up or what?
Water under the bridge, remember emails and forums have no tone, it's difficult and hard to read at times. Plus you will find, their will always be someone to rattle a few cages. I understand what Hoolie is trying to convey, and it is valid. I just don't think he read the thread all the way through.

Originally Posted by garden.nanny View Post
I think he's talking about the people that mow grass with their push mowers and charge $20 on a $45 lawn and don't pay insurgence, taxes, etc.
Well put.

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