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Originally Posted by Lawncutting27 View Post
I didn't know they even made extendable ones. I just checked and stihl makes one but I can't tell if you just buy an extra pole to go between the chainsaw kombi and the engine... is that how they work?
If you have the kombi engine, then they make a kombi attachment, that can be used with an extra pole in the middle for more length.

The extendable pole pruner is not a kombi attachment. It has more reach, but is only sold mated to the engine.

There are a number of styles of handsaw blades out there, but only two that stand out as good.

The "fleam" style blade (as used by Silky, Corona, etc) has vicious looking pointy teeth (its a Japanese pull saw type blade), and cross-cuts green wood quickly, but cannot be re-sharpened, and can "stick". Because of its aggressiveness, it can be hard to start a cut, can get stuck in the cut, and will tear your skin to shreds. Still, it cuts very fast.
I spray mine down with silicone lubricant to keep sap from sticking to the blade, and to prevent it from binding in the cut.

The "woodzig" style blade has curved teeth that can be sharpened with a chainsaw file. Fiscars sells these now, and I REALLY like it. Its easier to start and maintain good cutting, and isn't much slower at removing wood.

A better pole (more strength and less weight) such as the foam filled fiberglass Jameson, will speed up cutting a bit too.

No handsaw will compete with a chainsaw when it comes to speed though.
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