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Thanks for all the input guys. John, I appreciate all the time you put into your reply, and I was just starting to play with your suggestion when a friend who was over helping with the project (ie, sitting in the garage reading a Summit catalog) pointed out that Painless Wiring sells a kit to control the lockup on non computerized vehicles with this transmission. It includes a 4th gear pressure switch, converter lockup solenoid, vacuum control switch, wiring harness and new gasket. $120, but pretty easy to hook up. I think I'll go with that, since this is a $1600 tranny. Fairbanks racing automatics built it, out of Stratford CT I believe, and I was very happy with it in my old 83, before I wrecked it. Also has a cooler about the size of a honda's radiator, and a temp gauge for it. Really glad I found this kit, so not to take the big time $$ gamble. Thanks again for all the input.
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