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Originally Posted by WillRyan View Post
Is it possible to do this mod with the FH580V 19hp Kaw? Its on the new Scag Tiger cats

If I can't buy I new shaft could I atleast grind down the factory one?
I think fatboynormmie is correct. Your 19 hp replaced mine, as they no longer produce it in the 675cc block. Your engine cc size is smaller, and I think if I can remember correctly, you have the bigger hp engine of your series, I believe the other was a 17 hp. Of course, you could always pull the carburetor and check to see how far the valve opens... but something tells me you are already maxed out in hp.

Not that this matters to you, but just looking at other kawasaki engines, it looks like you could maybe boost the 34 hp to 37hp, and I think the 27 hp to 29 hp, assuming all the other stuff is the same like the FH601v vs. FH721v. The FX series I'm talking about, newer engines. Some food for thought when purchasing a new mower... go for the smaller "upgradeable" engine on the same mower to save hundreds of $$$.
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