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was it a default judgment? I have never had anyone show up to defend themselves.

1st thing is to call back ASAP. The longer they think about it the madder they are going to get.
When you call and they say" why the ---- are you charging me XX"
I apologize for the misunderstanding Mr. Customer, do you have a copy of our agreement handy and we will go over it.
No? Well i have mine handy here let me go over the storm pricing on your contract.
Read it to the and ask if the need another copy sent to them.
The disarms most of these situations, but some are going to stay mad regardless.
People sign contracts but don't read them, forget the terms or are just mad that they have to spend the extra $.

An idea for next years contracts, have a place for them to initial that they are aware of storm pricing.
If you want people to notice your faults, start giving advice.
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