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Using rip rap for landscape border?

We went and got some varying rip rap (pic below) that we'd like to use to set up a landscaping border in our front yard. I was curious if anyone had any tips on how to best do this. I didn't really find any pointers online for the process since this would be a good bit different than lining up pre-cut landscaping stone.

What I'm thinking, which is probably off, is:

We lay the stones out where we want them
Cut the sod around them
Pick them up and remove grass, as necessary.
Dig into ground slightly to lay the rocks in the dirt (how deep?)
Lay the rocks into the dirt area

Now, they wouldn't be pressed together perfectly at all places due to their varying size, so what steps would be effective in attempting to stop the bermuda from growing into the landscaping area? Would digging a really deep line where the rocks go and putting some kind of plastic edging into the dirt help?

Also, we'll lay down the mulch in the actual landscaped area. Would we wnat to put anything between the mulch and the rock to help stop the mulch from washing out through any gaps in the rock during heavy rain? Any suggestions for that?

Any other tips would be appreciated... I'm just now starting to think out how I'd like to do this, so I know there are probably (quite) a few things I'm missing.

I've also attached pictures of where our landscaping will go, in case that helps. It won't be in a rectangle like that... we just had the sod laid around the general area and we're going to cut/move, as necessary.

While I appreciate all feedback (due to the awesome advice you all tend to give here!), if you plan to post regarding asthetics of using that type of rock at all, it won't be necessary. We're going to lay it out and see how we like it. If it ends up looking like crap, we'll go with something else in its place.
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