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"Yes Ma'm, you don't miss a thing. As I'm sure you know, I priced your work on the basis of how fast I could mow [the widest mower I could use on] your lawn. I'd be glad to go slower [use a narrower mower], but then I'd have to charge more. I'll do it whatever way you prefer."

"I'm impressed how much you know about protecting driveways. So I'm glad to tell you that all our machines are all light-weight models with special wide tires so driveways don't even feel them. Still, I could lay planks under them, but all that extra time and equipment raises the price. I'll do it whatever way you prefer."

Yup. I overheard a car mechanic telling a customer, "Now these top-quality brake parts, unlike the cheap ones, these are designed to bed in over time. During this process they often squeak a bit. So if you hear any squeaking, you'll know they're working right."
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