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Originally posted by Bob Minney
was it a default judgment? I have never had anyone show up to defend themselves.
Nope, the customer showed up. I run a service agreement with 12 monthly pro rated payments. If you cancel before the 12th payment, there is no penalty however we do reconcile the bill for the amount of work done versus payment received. A positive balance is refunded to the customer, a negative must be paid to me. The customer's only defense was, "I cancelled the agreement, wrote final payment on the check and I don't think I should have to pay him anymore money." After each of us had our say the judge basically flipped between us three times asking questions for more info. The last time he asked me how I ran the numbers. I told him and he said that is what I am coming up with also. He then turned to the customer and said " You have one more opportunity to explain to the court why you think you don't owe this man the money. All the customer said was, " I just don't think I should have to pay him any more money......By that time I was almost ROFL
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