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arrrrrr....pesky little phuckers aren't they! NC Ag recommends liquid and granular apps, repeat
After control is obtained, the area should be periodically rechecked Reinfestation can occur quickly since the two-lined spittlebug has at least two generations per year in this state.

The best time to check for nymphs and to apply pesticides to turfgrasses is late in the day because the nymphs are higher on the plants than during the hot midday.

Numerous insecticides are labeled to control spittlebugs on turf and if properly applied, most perform well. Good coverage is essential. Granular formulations are not as effective as spray formulations.

But my licensed chemical ap friend swears granular apps provide adequate re-investation control for a longer period. I did one liquid and then granular a week or so later (back in late May) and have yet to see any more damage but still notice a few.
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