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Originally Posted by RDA View Post
If you moisten the ground, it can pull even easier, I will often pull the weeds in my landscaping (what little grow there) after watering, they pull easy. If you can't get the root with the crabgrass, it doesn't matter as much as some other weeds since the key is to remove before they go to seed as you know.

Who knows when it will go to seed, depends on when the seeds germinated and how aggressively it has grown and allowed to mature. Seeding can typically take place from mid-summer to fall in areas that have a true winter.

I can't imagine it would take you that long to pull all of that area. Once you do that, you should be able to nab any stragglers and next year will be much better as you stay on top of it and get that grass thicker and longer.


the point trying to be made by riggle is that the plant will not live through the winter into next spring

Keep it from seeding

When you pull it up you are only exposing more seed to germinate, it may look better but you have just set the table for more crabgrass germination next year

Mow high
water right
and BTW it is called edging not scalping
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