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Originally Posted by RDA View Post
I am not sure who that is directed towards, I am well aware of how to edge properly.


Just a pet peeve of mine, I see landscapers running around with weed whacker (string trimmers) and they scalp a swath 4 to 10 inches along the path they walk, grass cannot grow so the weeds come in and the customer is not happy (me)

I have a service for my house to cut the grass, they had a new guy and he scalped the entire site to about 1/4 inch just before temp's went over 100 for a couple of days, it wiped all of the grass out where ever the mower did not go in 10 inch swaths all over the yard

Needless to say I have a wonderful stand of crabgrass where ever he went, but I see it all over the place and then folks wonder why the site does not look good, bad cultural practices for sure
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