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Strange forms of payment

SO what are some forms of payment you have gotten other then cash?

So far i have been given a 98 caddy Eldorado, guy owned me 500.00 on a 1500 dollar job. Had no money so he gave me the car. It was in perfect condition. Had it sold with in 4 hours of getting it.

Next would be with cookies. Have a little old lady who is at least 90 years old. She is on a very tight budget, so every week I have a fresh batch of either choc chip or oatmeal raisin cookies. love that account lol.

I have one commercial property i take care of in exchange for discounts on crain time. Comes in handy on tree jobs.

I take care of the Gravley dealer and get credit from them each time. Kind of nice, have not had to come out of pocket for supplies at all this year.
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