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I hate to say this but it's probably coming right back, all crabgrass needs to
germinate is direct sunlight and bare spots are just the ticket.

That having been said I fight the stuff every year, too.

Originally Posted by HayBay View Post
Or 1 application of Acclaim(chemical) and your crabgrass is gone.

Start seeding every fall.
That stuff is a trick, mix it too light and it does nothing, mix it too heavy and it kills everything,
the ratios are close and then when I do get the mix right (which is most of the time) it kills the
crabgrass leaving a bare spot, and guess what comes right back?
Not a month's time it's all back, more often than not with a vengeance.

And I do re-seed every year, 50 pounds per quarter acre minimum.
Summer comes around, the sun and the heat murder the lawn, crabgrass starts and so does the party.

Serious pita, that stuff.
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