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Originally Posted by mike all together View Post

Now, they wouldn't be pressed together perfectly at all places due to their varying size, so what steps would be effective in attempting to stop the bermuda from growing into the landscaping area? Would digging a really deep line where the rocks go and putting some kind of plastic edging into the dirt help?

I think they'll look good. My only other suggestion for aesthetics is to use a larger cobble stone such as 6 inch river rock or granite pieces.

I would cut a trench about 4 inches deep where you plan on putting the rock. Then I would mix up type S mortar and fill the trench one bag at a time. It looks like you would need three bags.

Then set your stones in the mortar. Basically it will give you a curb edge to help keep the grass out and the mulch in. Be careful though and try to keep the mortar low so it doesn't show terribly bad when you are done.

Just setting them in dry isn't going to do you any good. They'll move and the grass will work in between them.
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