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Originally Posted by GreenShoesLC View Post
When you have a large number of very small contracts that are all 20 min jobs for a 2 man crew, commercial push mowers are the machines making you your money. For a number of us operations these mowers are running several hours a day. I'd bust through a home cheapo mower in less than a month, and it cuts like **** to boot. Big mowers are great on properties that are suited to them, but to do a small residential, you're better off with a 21.
Excellent points. Around my neck of the woods here, most of the suburban lots are 2 000 to 5000/6 000 sq. feet of turf. A lot of them are heavy landscaped too. I've tried a 32" and 36" mowers on them but they don't work very well. I've also tried a 32" Wright Stander and a 34" Exmark Phazer. They work better than the walk-behinds but lots of customers complain about the ruts these two machines leave and they don't fit into people's backyards. So, from my experience, a good 21" commercial mower seems to be the best bet. It may take you a bit longer but you make that up with reduced overhead costs too.
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