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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
I agree....every time I see rip-rap bed edging it makes me sick...its always grown up with grass and noway to trim it. I would go the least expensive option which would look better and that is use a shovel and dig a bed edge. 86 the rocks, it looks unnatural. Rip-rap is for erosion prevention not bed edging.
With the trench idea, would you mind explaining the best route to go in digging this out? What angle in which direction do I cut the trench to ensure the grass stays separated from the mulched bed?

I've looked online for a bit now but I've struggled to find good pictures to go with the limited instructions to give me a good practical explanation. Yes, I need pictures. I'm that guy.

I'm actually warming to this idea, as it'd look nice and it'd put more of a focus on the bed rather than the border.
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