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Originally Posted by Earthworker View Post
What has everyone found to be the best set up (pump, valves, heads, filter, etc) for irrigation systems using water from a pond or lake? I have used submersibles in the past. I have had trouble with dirty water in my own. I have to clean the filter every day. So just looking for some fresh ideas.
I use to water out of a dirty near by river that was always being stirred up by pleasure boaters, I know thats not a pond but it is still a very dirty water application. I used to use a algae queen filter it worked okay and I only had to clean it once per year and I pumped a lot of water through it, I water two acres of turf grass a lot. My biggest problem with that filter was that it didn't get the little stuff, like small little seeds from weeds and trees, I added a V strainer but that thing plugged all of the time. I had my algae queen filter in a plastic barrel sitting on top of blocks, I drilled holes in the middle of the barrel so only the good water from the middle could get in, not the silty water at the bottom or the water with stuff floating.

As of last year I abandoned the concept of pumping directly from the river and set three sand point wells (driven wells) in the water bearing sand next to the river and that works much better, this is probably not an option that you have if your working with a pond.

Before I went the sand point route I thought about mounting a algae queen filter on the bottom of a float (think small swim platform) and a pump on the surface and then using a sand filter to clean the water the rest of the way, I believe that the sand filter would get the organic stuff out, but I was never sure how to correctly size a sand filter for that application, its easy to size one for a swimming pool, but this is different as the load would be much higher. There is tons of filters on the net for these types of applications but the are really expensive and I wonder how well they really work. If I was going to look at that again I think I would find a golf course that pumps from ponds and visit with them and see what they are doing.
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