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I had court over a dead beat about a month ago. I tried to collect on this account for over 6 months an I was just ignored. About the first part of last December, I went to her house and to my amazement she was home. She opened the door and gave me this line about how she didn't have any money. Then she said she would call the bank and see what she could do. This idiot pulled out her bank card, which listed the bank she banked at. After calling the bank, she told me she would have the money if I came back the next day. So I told her fine I would come back, but if I didn't have the payment then I would take her to court over it.

I came back the next day and just as I got to her door step, I saw her running towards her car. I walked over to the car and asked her if she had my money. She wouldn't answer me, but instead tried to run me over with her car. I was so t-d off that I went down to the court house that same day and filed papers.

After I won in court I waited for her to make payments. She made the first two and then quit paying. So now, since I know where she banks, I will have the court go after her bank account. I will do what xpnd stated if she doesn't have money in her bank account. If nothing else, I will go after her car. If she owns the car, then the court will send her a letter demanding that she send in the title of the car until her court debt is paid. The only catch is that the court does not enforce their demand. If she ignores the court and does not send in her title, then there is nothing that I can do about it.
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