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I have been doing this since the spring. Figure it this way... you can have 10k postcards printed up, color front, b/w back, for about 250-300, printed and shipped to your business/home. Buy wholesale baggies and washers for what?? 500...600 tops? Bag em, toss em. Most of us on here, especially us in the north, have the time to do this during the winter months, just prior to the spring. Invest about or under 1k and some of your time and look what it may yield?

Marketing basics for folk who can't comprehend.... it is a numbers game, more people reached = more leads = more estimates = more______. I'll let u guys guess the answer.
You, personally, may not enjoy the idea of finding a flyer on your mail, or getting a spam email, or receiving a phone call from your bank about a new service that they are offering. I understand that, I'd prefer not to receive them either. But we do, don't we. But if "that method would never work", then why do businesses still telemarket, use email marketing and direct marketing?? Bc it WORKS!

Are you gonna piss a few people off? Sure. Are you willing to piss off ten people in exchange for 75-100 leads? If the answer is yes, you're golden. If the answer is no, liquidate your equipment for cash now, b/c we will be stealing your customers shortly.
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