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Originally Posted by PDMcgowan View Post
I've been on the look out for a $400 to $500 21". Walked into a Tractor Supply and noticed a lady pushing a new Bad Boy 21" out. Talked to the sales rep and no more floor models but explained people really seemed to like them. Went home to do alittle research on them. Noticed they do have the "upgraded" BS commercial motor in it. All features of the mid range mowers and wheels seem to be beefed up abit. One goofy thing is I cant find one review of thing using google. I guess without handeling one it hard to check the quality but what is others views or experience with this machine? I understand this isn't a commercial push or the fact its not better then a Exmark 21". Thanks for any input.
I bought one in April. I only use it maybe 3 to 4 hours a week. I have a Snapper Pro 36 WB that works in most places.

I've had no problems so far. Very powerful and fast. Same mower as the JD JS 65 at Lowes.

For the price of 399 it may hold up long enough. They are on sell at my local TSC store for 299 now. You could buy 3 of these and throw them away and still be less money than the Exmark.
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