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Husqvarna Quality and Durability

Hello, I am starting a new lawn business, and, I will be purchasing a variety of commerical equipment. I was looking into buying, based on what I've read on the internet, mostly Husqvarna products. I know that there equipment is expensive, but from what I have heard, it is very high quality and will last a very long time. I was specifically looking into buying new, but that could change. If I had the money to allow it, I was planning on buying 1 Husqvarna PZ6030CV ZTR, 1 Husqvarna WH5217 Commercial Walk-behind, and Husqvarna trimmers, blowers, and edgers, along with a small Landowner series small walk-behind. Please let me know if this plan is foolish, if it makes sense, or if it needs some tweaking in the specific models, etc. Thanks
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